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 5/31/24-Sat-8:45 Pm Mt.Abe-Vergennes @ Mont/U32 Boys lacrosse (CLICK HERE) 

5/16/24-Thur-4PM Middlebury @ Montpelier Boys Ultimate (CLICK HERE)

5/7/24-Mon-4PM S. Burlington @ Montpelier Girls Ultimate (CLICK HERE)

2/21/24-Wed-5:15 PM Colchester @ Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/19/24-Mon-7PM Randolph @ Spaulding Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)

2/19/24-Mon-3:30PM Stowe @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/19/24-Mon-5:15PM Woodstock @  Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)


2/16/24-Fri-7PM Montpelier @ U-32 Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)

2/16/24-Fri-7PM Lamoille @ Spaulding Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)

2/17/24-Sat-1:30PM Thetford @ U-32 Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)

2/17/24-Sat-3:15PM S.Burlington @  Spaulding Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)

 2/17/24-Sat-4:15 PM CVU @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/17/24-Sat-5:15 PM S.Burlington @ Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)



2/15/24-Thu-7PM Lyndon @ U-32 Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)

2/15/24-Thu-7PM Oxbow @ Spaulding Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE) 


2/14/24-Wed-4:15 PM St.Johnsbury @ U-32 Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/14/24-Wed-5:15 PM Woodstock @ Spaulding Girls Hockey Cancelled!

2/14/24-Wed-7:15 PM Rutland @ Spaulding Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/12/24-Mon-7PM Spaulding @ U-32 Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)

2/9/24-Fri-7PM Lamoille @ U-32 Boys Basketball Cancelled

2/10/24-Sat-1:30PM Randolph @ U-32 Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)

2/10/24-Sat-3:15PM  Rice @ Spaulding Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/10/24-Sat-4:15PM  Rutland @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/7/24- Hartford @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/7/24-Wed-7:15PM CVU @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 2nd & 3rd Prds (CLICK HERE) 

2/7/24-Wed-7:15PM CVU @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 1st & 2nd 2ndPrds (CLICK HERE)

2/7/24-Wed-7:15PM CVU @ Spaulding Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)

2/7/24-Wed-7PM  U-32 @ Lake Region Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)


2/6/24-Tue-7PM  Lamoille @ U-32 Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)


2/6/24-Tue-7PM  North Country @ Spaulding Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)


2/5/24-MON-7PM  Peoples @ U-32 Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)


2/5/24-Mon-7PM  Harwood @ Spaulding Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE) 


2/2/24-FRI-7PM  Randolph @ Spaulding Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)


2/1/24-Thur-6PM  S.Burlington/CVU/Spaulding Wrestling (CLICK HERE)


1/31/24-Wed-4:15PM Lyndon @U-32 Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)


1/31/24-Wed-7PM Hazen @ U-32  Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)


1/30/24-Tue-7PM U-32 @ Spaulding Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)


1/27/24-SAT-3:15PM ESSEX @ Spaulding  Boys Hockey(CLICK HERE)


1/26/24-FRI-7PM  Randolph @ U-32 Boys Basketball (Postponed to 2/10/24)


1/26/24-FRI-7PM   North Country @ Spaulding Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)


1/25/24-THU-7PM  Peoples @ U-32 Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)


1/25/24-THU-7PM   Lake Region @ Spaulding Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)

1/24/24-Wed-4:15PM STOWE @ U-32 Girls Hockey POSTPONED

1/23/24-Tue-7PM  Montpelier @ Spaulding Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE

1/24/24-Wed-5:15PM Hartford@ Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)


1/20/24-SAT-6:15PM Missisquoi @ U-32  Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)

1/20/24-SAT-4:15PM Spauling @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

1/20/24-SAT-3:15PM MMU @ Spaulding  Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)

1/20/24-Sat-1:30-Lake Region @ U-32 Girls Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/18/24-Thu- Harwood @ U-32 Girls Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/18/24-Thu- Lamoille @ Spaulding Girls Hoop (CLICK HERE)



1/19/24-Fri- North Country  @ U-32 Boys Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/17/24-WED-5:15PM Middlebury  @ Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)


1/17/24-WED-7:15PM Middlebury @ Spaulding  Boys (CLICK HERE)



1/17/24-Wed-4:15PM Harwood @ U-32 Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE) 


1/15/24-MON-7PM U-32  @ Spaulding Boys Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/13/24-Sat-1:30PM Fair Haven @ U-32 Girls Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/11/24-Thu.-7PM Spaulding @ U-32 Girls Hoop (CLICK HERE)


 1/12/24-Fri-7PM Lyndon @ U-32 Boys Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/6/24-Sat.-4:15PM Brattleboro @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)


 1/4/24-Thu-7PM Harwood @ Spaulding Girls Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/4/24-Thu-7PM North Country @ U-32 Girls Hoop (CLICK HERE)


1/3/24-Wed-5:15PM Essex @ Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)


1/3/24-Wed-4:15PM Mississquoi @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

 1/3/24-Wed-7:15PM Woodstock @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 1st Period (CLICK HERE)

1/3/24-Wed-7:15PM Woodstock @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 2nd & 3rd Pd.  (CLICK HERE)


12/30/23-Sat-4:15PM Colchester @ U-32 Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)


12/30/23-Sat-3:15PM BFA St. Albans @ Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)


12/30/23-Sat-1:30PM Mt.Anthony @ U-32 Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)


12/30/23-Sat-5:15PM BFA St.Albans @ Spaulding Boys Hockey  (CLICK HERE)


12/23/23-Sat-5PM Montpelier vs Spauding Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)

 12/23/23-Sat-3:15PM St. Johnsbury @ Spaulding Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

12/23/23-Sat-3PM Montpelier vs Spaulding Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)

12/20/23-Wed-5:15PM Lyndon @ Spaulding Boys Hockey  (CLICK HERE)

12/20/23-Wed-7PM Middlebury @ U-32 Boys Basketball (CLICK HERE)

 12/21/23-Thur-6PM Colchester @ Spaulding Wrestling (CLICK HERE)

12/19/23-Tue-7PM St. Johnsbury @ Spaulding Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE) 

12/16/23-Sat-3:15PM Harwood @ Spaulding Girls Hockey  (CLICK HERE)

12/16/23-Sat-5PM Burr & Burton @ U-32 Girls Hockey (CLICK HERE)

12/16/23-Sat.-12:30PM Middlebury @ U32- Girls Basketball (CLICK HERE)

12/15/23-Fri-7PM Harwood @ U-32 Boys Hoop (CLICK HERE)

12/13/23-Wed-5:15PM U-32 @ Spaulding Boys Hockey  (CLICK HERE)

12/13/23-Wed-4PM S.Burlington @ U-32 Girls Hockey  (CLICK HERE)

12/15/23-Fri-7PM Harwood @ U-32 Boys Hoop (CLICK HERE)

12/9/23-Sat-4:15PM Kingdom Blades @ U-32 Girls Hockey  (CLICK HERE)

12/9/23-Sat- 6:30PM Middlebury @ U-32 Boys Hockey (CLICK HERE)


11/7/23-Tues-5:30PM Word of Life @ VTSU Randolph College Women's Hoop  (CLICK HERE)

 11/7/23-Tues-7:30PM Word of Life @ VTSU Randolph College Men's Hoop (CLICK HERE)

10/28/23-SAT- Fairfax Patriots vs Barre Tide Youth Football (CLICK HERE)

 10/21/23-Sat- Rice @ Spaulding Football (CLICK HERE)

10/13/23-Fri- Lake Region @ U-32 Boys Soccer  - 5 PM (CLICK HERE)

10/16/23- Mon- (Stream at 7PM) Harwood @ Montpelier Boys Soccer (CLICK HERE)

10/13/23-Fri- Lake Region @ U-32 Boys Soccer  - 5 PM (CLICK HERE)

10/14/23-SAT. (3:30 PM) Stowe @ Montpelier Girls Soccer (CLICK HERE)

9/30/23- Saturday-11 AM Lyndon @ U-32  Boys Soccer (CLICK HERE)

10/6/23-Friday - Harwood @ Montpelier Girls Soccer  - 6 PM (CLICK HERE)

9/30/23- Saturday-7 PM Spaulding @ U-32  Boys Soccer (CLICK HERE)

9/29/23-Friday - Oxbow @  Spaulding Football  - 7PM (CLICK HERE)

9/30/23- Saturday- 5 PM Spaulding @ U-32  Girls Soccer (CLICK HERE)

9/15/23-Friday -4PM N.Country @ U-32 Boys Soccer (CLICK HERE)

9/12/23- Saturday-5:30 PM Lyndon @ U-32  Football (CLICK HERE)

9/15/23-Friday - Otter Valley @  Spaulding Football  - 7PM (CLICK HERE)

9/12/23- 4:30 PM Randolph @ U-32  Boys Soccer (CLICK HERE) 

9/10/23-Sunday - U-32 v Spaulding Football Qtr 2-4 - 6PM (Click Here)

9/8/23-U-32 @ Spaulding FOOTBALL 7PM QTR 1 (CLICK HERE)

9/2/23-Saturday - Burr & Burton Boys Soccer 12AM (CLICK HERE)

7/30/23- SUNDAY-Bombers @ Ravens NEFL FOOTBALL 2PM (CLICK HERE)



 3/3/23- Fri- Hartford @ U-32 Boys Hockey Playoff 7:30(Click HERE)

3/3/23-Friday CVU @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 5PM-(CLICK HERE)

3/3/28/23-FRI- Harwood @ Spaulding Boys Basketball 7:30PM(Click Here)

2/28/23- Tues- Burr & Burton @ U-32 Boys Hockey Playoff 6:15PM (CLICK HERE)

2/28/23- Tues- Lamoille @ Spaulding Boys Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

2/24/23- Fri- St.J @ U-32 Boys Hockey Playoff 3:45PM (Click Here)

2/24/23- Fri-Montpelier @ U-32 Boys Basketball W/JV 6PM(CLICK HERE)

 2/24/23- Fri- Williamstown @ Spaulding Boys Basketball 7PM(CLICK HERE)

 2/25/23- Sat- Mt.Abe @ Spaulding Girls Basketball 2PM(CLICK HERE)


2/20/23- Mon- St.J @ U-32 Boys Hockey 4PM (CLICK HERE)

2/21/23-Tue- Lyndon @ U-32 Boys Basketball W/JV 5:30PM(CLICK HERE)

2/22/23-Wed- Middlebury @ Spaulding Girls Basketball 7PM(CLICK HERE)


2/18/23- Sat-Middlebury @ U-32 Girls Hockey 4:15PM(CLICK HERE)

2/18/23- Sat.- Harwood @ U-32 Boys Basketball W/JV 11AM(CLICK HERE)

2/18/23- Sat- Northfield W U-32 Boys Hockey 6:30PM(CLICK HERE)

2/18/23-Sat- DonnyBrooke Battle in Barre 9 MMA 6:45PM PPV(CLICK HERE)

2/16/23-Thu.- Lamoille @ U-32 Girls Basketball 7PM(CLICK HERE)

2/17/23- Fri.- Lyndon @ U-32 Boys Basketball W/JV 7PM-PPND

2/15/23-Wed.- Kingdom Blades @ U-32 Girls Hockey 4:15PM(CLICK HERE)

2/15/23-Wed- Burr & Burton @ U-32 Boys Hockey 7PM(CLICK HERE)

 2/15/23-Wed.-Rice @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 6PM(CLICK HERE)2/12/23- Vaughn @ VTC Mens Basketball 2PM (CLICK HERE)

2/13/23- MON ACPHS @ VTC Womens Basketball 6PM CNCLLED

2/13/23-Mon.-Woodstock @ U-32 Boys Hockey 4:15PM (CLICK HERE)

2/13/23-Mon.-Lake Region @ Spaulding Boys Basketball 7PM(CLICK HERE)

2/14/23-Tue.- U-32@ Spaulding Boys Basketball W/JV 5:30PM(CLICK HERE)2/11/23-Sat.-Burl/Colchester @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 3:15 (CLICK HERE)

2/11/23-Sat.- Colchester @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 5:15(CLICK HERE)

2/11/23- Sat.-Brattleboro @ U-32 Boys Hockey 4:15 (CLICK HERE)

2/11/23-Sat.- Lyndon @ U-32 Girls Hoop 1:30 PM (CLICK HERE)

2/8/23-Wed.- Woodstock @ U-32 Girls Hockey 4:15PM (CLICK HERE)

2/8/23-Wed.-Lyndon @ U-32 Boys Hockey 6:15PM (CLICK HERE)

2/9/23-Thur.-Oxbow @ Spaulding Girls Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

2/10/23-Fri.-Thetford @ U-32 Boys Basketball W/JV 5:30PM (CLICK HERE)

2/10/23-Fri- Peoples @ Spaulding Boys Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

 2/6/23-Mon.- Hartford @ U-32 Girls Hockey 4:15PM (CLICK HERE)

2/6/23-Mon.-Burlington @ U-32 Boys Hockey 6:15PM (CLICK HERE)

2/5/23-Sun.-Great Bay CC @ Vermont Tech Women’s Hoop 1PM (CLICK HERE)

2/5/23-Sun.-Great Bay CC @ Vermont Tech Men’s Hoop 3PM (CLICK HERE)

2/3/23-Fri.-Lake Region @ Spaulding Boys Basketball 7PM Postponed

2/4/23-Sat.-Randolph @ U-32 Boys Basketball W/JV 12PM (CLICK HERE)

2/4/23-Sat.-Hampshire @ Vermont Tech Women’s Hoop 1PM Cancelled

 2/2/23-Thur.-Randolph @ U-32 Girls Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

2/2/23-Thur.- Spaulding Wrestling 3-Team Meet 6PM (CLICK HERE)

1/30/23-Mon.- CVU @ U-32 Boys Hockey 4:15PM (CLICK HERE)

1/31/23- Tue.-Thetford @ Spaulding Girls Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

2/1/23-Wed.-Hazen @ Spaulding Boys Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

2/1/23-Wed.-Harwood @ U-32 Boys Hockey 5PM (CLICK HERE)

1/28/23-Sat.- CVU @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 3:15PM(CLICK HERE)

1/28/23-Sat.- CVU @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 5:15PM(CLICK HERE)

1/29/23-SUN.-ACPHS @ Vermont Tech Men’s Hoop 3PM(CLICK HERE)

1/27/23-Fri-Hazen @ U-32 Boys Hoop  (W/JV) 5:30 PM(CLICK HERE)

1/26/23-Thur.Spaulding Wrestling Meet 6PM(CLICK HERE)

1/26/23-Thur.Oxbow @ U-32 Girl Hoop 7PM(CLICK HERE)

1/25/23-Wed.-Harwood @ Spaulding Boys Hoop 7PM postponed

1/25/23-Wed.Hartford @ U-32 Girls Hockey 4:15PM(CLICK HERE)


1/25/23-Wed.-Burlington @ U-32 Boys Hockey 6:30PM(CLICK HERE)

1/24/23-Tue. U-32 @ Spaulding Girls Hoop 7PM(CLICK HERE)

 1/23/23- Mon.-Middlebury @ U-32 Boys Hoop (W/JV) 5:30PM (CLICK HERE)

1/23/23- Mon.-Essex @Spaulding Boys Hockey 3:45PM Postponed...

1/21/23-SAT NOW!.-NHTI @ Vermont Tech Men’s Hoop 4PM (CLICK HERE)

1/21/23-Sat.Rutland @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 3:15PM (CLICK HERE)

1/21/23-SAT NOW!.-NHTI @ Vermont Tech Women’s Hoop 6PM (CLICK HERE)

1/21/23-Sat.-Hartford @ U-32 Boys Hockey 4:15PM (CLICK HERE)

1/22/23-Sun.- CT Avery Point @ VTC Women’s Hoop 1PM (CLICK HERE)

1/20/23-FRI.-Spaulding @ Montpelier Boys Hoop- 10PM Archived (CLICK HERE)


1/20/23-Fri.-Lake Region @ U-32 Boys Hoop (w/JV) 5:30PM (CLICK HERE)

1/18/23-Wed. Lamoille @ Spaulding BB 7PM (CLICK HERE)

1/18/23-Harwood @ U-32 Boys Hoop  (W/JV) 5:30 PM (CLICK HERE)

 1/18/23-Wed.- St.Johnsbury @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 5:15PM (CLICK HERE)

 1/17/23-Tue.-Randolph @ Spaulding Girls BB 7PM (CLICK HERE)


 1/17/23- NVU LYNDO @ VTC Men’s Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

  1/15/23- CMCC @ VTC Men’s Basketball 1PM (CLICK HERE)



1/12/23- Thursday-Harwood @ Spaulding Girls Hoop 7PM (CLICK HERE) 

1/12/23-Thursday-Peoples @ U-32 Girls Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

1/12/23-CMCC @ VTC Women’s Basketball 12PM (CLICK HERE)

 1/14/23-Sat.-Woodstock @ U-32 Boys Hoop (+JV) 1PM (CLICK HERE)

1/14/23-Sat.-Harwood @ U-32 Girls Hoop 11:30 AM (CLICK HERE)

1/14/23- Sat.-S.Burlington @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 5:15 (CLICK HERE)

1/14/23- UM Augusta @ VTC Women’s Basketball 4PM (CLICK HERE)

1/14/23- UM Augusta @ VTC Men’s Basketball 6PM (CLICK HERE)

1/14/23-Sat.- S.Burlington @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 3:15PM (CLICK HERE)


1/10/23- Tuesday-Lyndon @ Spaulding Boys Hoop 7PM (CLICK HERE)

 1/11/23-WED.-Woodstock @ U-32 Boys Hockey 5PM Cancelled

1/11/23- Wednesday-Essex @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 5:15 (CLICK HERE)

1/11/23- Wednesday-Essex @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 7:15 (CLICK HERE) 

1/10/23-Tuesday-Spaulding @ U-32 Girls Basketball 7PM (CLICK HERE)



1/3/23- Tuesday-Harwood @ Spaulding Girls Hoop 7PM (CLICK HERE)

1/4/23- Wed-BFA St.Albans @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 5:15(CLICK HERE)

1/5/23-Thursday-Lamoille @ Spaulding Girls Hoop 7PM (CLICK HERE)

1/5/23-Thursday-Lake Region @ U-32 Girls Basketball 7PM(CLICK HERE)

1/7/23-Saturday-Lyndon @ Spaulding Girls Hoop 12PM(CLICK HERE) 

1/7/23-Saturday-Spaulding @ U-32 Boys Hoop (+JV) 10AM(CLICK HERE)

1/7/23- Sat.-BFA St.Albans @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 3:15(CLICK HERE)

1/7/23-Saturday-Burr & Burton @ U-32 Girls Hoop 2:30(CLICK HERE)

1/7/23- Sat.-Colchester @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 5:15(CLICK HERE)

1/7/23-Saturday- Rice @ U-32 Girls Hockey 4:15PM(CLICK HERE)


12/29/22-Thursday- Lake Region @ Spaulding Girls B-ball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

12/30/22- Friday-Montpelier @ Spaulding Boys B-Ball 7PM (CLICK HERE) 

12/27/22- Tuesday Mt. Abe @ Spaudling Boys B-ball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

12/28/22-Wed.- Burl/Col @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 5:15PM (CLICK HERE)

12/28/22- Wed.- Lyndon @ Spaulding Boys Hockey 7:15PM (CLICK HERE)



12/22/22-Thur-BFA St.Albans @ Spaudling Girls Hoop 7PM (CLICK HERE)


12/22/22-Thur.- Mt.Abraham @ U-32 Girls Hoop 7PM (CLICK HERE)

12/21/22-Wed.- CVU/BURL@ U-32 Girls Hockey 4:15PM (CLICK HERE)


12/21/22-Wed.- Harwood @ Spaulding Boys B-ball 7PM(CLICK HERE)

12/19/22-Monday- Lamoille @ U-32 Boys JV&V B-ball 5:30PM (CLICKHERE)

 12/19/22-Monday-U-32 @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 5:15PM (CLICK HERE)

12/17/22-Saturday-Harwood@Spaulding Girls Hockey 3:15PM (CLICK HERE)

12/13/22- Tuesday S.Burl. @ Spaudling Girls B-ball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

12/14/22-Wednesday- Rice @ Spaulding Girls Hockey 5PM (CLICK HERE)

12/14/22- Wednesday-Missisquoi @ U-32 Girls Hockey 6PM (CLICK HERE)

12/14/22-Wednesday- North Country @ U-32 Girls B-ball 7PM (CLICK HERE)

12/14/22- Wednesday-U-32@ Spaulding Boys Hockey 7:15PM (CLICK HERE)
























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